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February 8, Wassyoi Natsunojin in Kichijoji (Ikki Hino×Erika Fujii Duo)

June 2, Erika Fujii 7th solo live in Kobe  information


​January 15, Erika Fujii 5th solo live in Kobe 

April 1, Solo performance in Komagata Sakura Festival in Gunma

July 7, Erika Fujii 6th solo live in Tokyo

August 3, Wassyoi Natsunojin in Kichijoji (Ikki Hino×Erika Fujii Duo)

​October 8, Solo performance in Iwaki city concert

December 7, Guest performance in company event in Iwaki

December 10, Guest performance in concert in Iwaki


​January 19, Solo performance in Saightama Arts Center Project

​January 30, 【Words other than GOOD】

February 28, 【Words other than GOOD】

March 27, 【Words other than GOOD】

​April 29,   Solo performance in Iwate, Japan

May 22,  【Words other than GOOD】

June 12, Solo performance at nursing home in Tokyo

June 19, Solo performance at nursing home in Tokyo

June 25,  【Words more than GOOD】

July 24, Solo performance&workshop in SaitamaSaitama art park 2022 in Saitama

August 6, 【HITOE llive in Tokyo】

August 22, 【Wasshoi Nastunojin】

September 16, Solo performance in Kanagawa, Japan

November 12, 【HITOE llive in Tokyo】


​January 11 【Wadaiko petit Concert】 in Kawasaki 

January 23 【IKKI Taikodo KOBE concert 2021】

​February 23【Wadaiko petit Concert】in Kawasaki 

February 29 【Takei Yuki Online Kokin concert】

​March 20 Solo performance at Nursing home in Nishiogikubo

March 27 【Wadaiko petit Concert】in Kawasaki

April 29 【Wadaiko petit Concert 】in Kawasaki

May 30  【Wadaiko petit Concert】 in Kawasaki

June 19 Solo performance at Nursing home in Nishiogikubo

June 26   【Wadaiko petit Concert】 in Kawasaki

July 25    【Wadaiko petit Concert】 in Kawasaki 

August 15 【Wadaiko petit Concert】in Kawasaki

​August 22 【HITOE 1st Live ~Kaen~】in Tokyo

September 12  【Erika Fujii 3rd Solo Live in Tokyo】

​September 17  Guest performance in Kawasaki

October 24   【Wadaiko petit Concert】in Kawasaki

November 23【Wadaiko petit Concert】in Kawasaki

December 12【Wadaiko petit Concert】 in Kawasaki 

December 13【Tokihe ~Succession】in Roppongi  

December 19  【Erika Fujii 4th Solo Live in Kobe】


January 9  Solo Performance and Workshop for elementary school student.

February 11  Solo Performance at Asakusa Sakura Hostel

March 23  Wadaiko performance collaborated with Dance

April 10  Solo performance in the USA

April 12  Colaborated performance in the USA       Poem×Wadaiko

April 13  Solo performance in the USA  'Asian Heritage Month Celebration'

July  26  Solo Performance & Collaborated with Dance CHIHIRO NAKAJO at Asakusa Sakura Hostel

August 11&12  Solo performance in Osaka at Ecoll Izumi

August 13  Duo performance in Osaka.  IKKI HINO×ERIKA FUJII

September 23  Solo performance in Soka

September 29  Solo performance at Sakura Hostel

Octover 8  Workshop in Green Festival

December 15  Solo performance at Sakura Hostel


January 3  Hino Ikki & Fujii Erika duo at Kodozan

February 16  Solo performance at Sakura Hostel

March 16  Solo Performance & Collaboration with Shinobue Nakadai Kazusa at Asakusa Sakura Hostel

April 7  Solo performance in Sakura Festival

May 15  Solo performance at Sakura Hostel

June 21   Solo performance at Sakura Hostel

August 26  Hino Ikki & Fujii Erika duo at Star pins cafe in Kichijoji

August 30  Collaborated performance with Kazusa Nakadai (Shinobue)

September 22  Solo performance at Shakurakukai

October 14  Performance & Workshop in Green Festival 

October 20  Solo performance at Sakura Hostel

December 9  Kokin concert collaborated performance 

December 14  Hino Ikki & Fujii Erika duo at event in Gifu

December 20  Solo performance & collaborated performance with Chihiro Nakajo (Dance)

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